Doula Prices

Being a part of your birth journey is truly an honour to me. I will be there for you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period as and when you need me.

As everyones journey is different, i will work together with you to look at how i can tailor my support towards you and your family and i am happy to discuss budget and requirements in more detail if the options below do not fully work for you.  

As i am currently undertaking my Doula training with (Bia Doula Training), the prices below are significantly discounted to acknowledge this. 

If after an initial meeting, if we both decide that we fit together well and you would like me to be your Doula. This is what i offer.

  • Introductory meeting (without obligation)
  • 3 meetings during pregnancy (between 1.5 - 2 hours) 
  • Discount of Prenatal yoga classes (both private or group classes depending on which you prefer)
  • Accompany you to 1 midwife visit if required.
  • Help with creating your birth plan
  • During the whole time i am available via whats app, email and telephone
  • Available day and night from week 38 and weekly meetings from week 37
  • My prescence during the whole labour and birth from the moment you want it
  • A postpartum meeting to discuss and look back on the birth.
  • I am available for up to 3 most postpartum for questions 

Investment for the full package is €700 (inc BTW)